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Customized Cosmetic Dentistry Services

At our dental office in Oldsmar, FL, we specialize in providing cosmetic dentistry solutions that can enhance your smile. Whether you need a professional teeth whitening treatment or more extensive work done, we can help.

Our experienced professionals at Solay Dental will work with you to create a treatment plan that meets your needs and desires. We want you to be completely satisfied with your new smile, so we offer a full range of services to choose from.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures offered by SOLAY

  • Dental crowns. Dental crowns are an excellent option for smile enhancement and restoring damaged teeth. If you have teeth that have large fillings or substantial damage, dental crowns may be recommended for you. These “caps” are made of porcelain materials and are bonded over the natural tooth to ensure protection and strength.
  • Composite resin bonding. Ever wished your smile was brighter or more even? Composite resin bonding can be a great way to achieve just that! This treatment involves the use of a tooth-colored resin to fill in small gaps and fix minor dental imperfections. It is a fast, painless procedure that dramatically improves your smile. Plus, dental bonding is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental treatments available.
  • Tooth-colored dental fillings. When cavities develop, fillings are used to seal the tooth and keep the damage from becoming more prominent. However, many dentists have used a material known as silver amalgam in the past. In addition to being considered unsafe for the human body, it is also dark in appearance and highly noticeable. Instead, our team uses tooth-colored dental fillings to treat areas of decay. They are made from a material known as composite resin that matches the natural tooth enamel and blends in seamlessly within the smile for discreet treatment.
  • Porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin, custom-fabricated shells of tooth-colored materials bonded to the front of teeth. They improve the appearance of stained, chipped, oddly shaped, uneven, or worn teeth within just a few appointments. With regular maintenance and care, most of our patients enjoy their porcelain veneers for a decade or longer!
  • Professional teeth whitening. Teeth whitening with the dentist is a popular cosmetic treatment that can brighten your smile. It is more effective than over-the-counter treatments and can achieve better results in a shorter amount of time. Our facility offers in-office, same-day whitening with the popular Zoom! branded service, as well as take-home trays and whitening gel. Both are affordable and effective at addressing typical staining and discoloration on the natural tooth enamel.

How do I learn more about cosmetic dentistry available at Solay Dental?

Call (727) 781-6224 to request an appointment at Solay Dental, conveniently located at 3144-3 Tampa Road in Oldsmar, FL. Dr. Shiva Soleimani is excited to meet you and your family in the office for general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry!

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